Sleek Slate Coasters

If you want to get your man something unique for his special day, then these personalized slate coasters are a great option. These coasters give off a modern look while doing the job of protecting your man's countertops. When he has beers with the boys in his man cave, they'll all be impressed with his modern home decor.

These personalized slate coasters come with pads underneath to protect your surfaces while still giving you that sleek look. With their rough cut edges and rough feeling, these coasters fit into that modern nature feel and make a perfect gift for his man cave.

Make these coasters extra special by adding your man's information up to 12 characters to the text box above. Follow the example below to ensure accuracy.




  • Black slate 4" round coasters come in sets of 4
  • Coasters have rough-cut natural-looking edges
  • Pads underneath help to protect your surfaces