Dopp Kits

Every gent needs a personalized dopp kit for his manly essentials. While choosing one that will last a lifetime (which they often do), here are a few things to consider: it should be made out of high-quality material to provide durability; it should also have a classic design; organized pockets, and a waterproof lining if available.


Traveling is an essential part of life today and there is nothing worse than arriving at your destination and when you open your suitcases, all your clothes have been ruined by leaking shaving lotion or shampoo. This is where personalized men's toiletry bags and shaving kits save the day. An organized travel Dopp kit or travel toiletry bag is essential for any traveler. Or for those that may not be traveling but may need to have one handy and close by at their office or in their car.


Here are some essential items every Dopp kit should contain: Hair products; Bathing soap; Lint Roller; Shaving equipment; Deodorant; Men's Lotion and Sunscreen; Eyewear like Contact Lenses and Glasses; Nail Clippers; Band-aids and Medicine; Cash; Men's Fragrance; and Lip Balm. Other items to consider including are: Cotton Swabs; tweezers; and hand sanitizer. Our men’s leather Dopp kits and travel toiletry bags for men are the best in the market. They last long and may even be handed down generations. In addition, we also have a waxed canvas Dopp kit that serves the same purpose.


Personalized men's Dopp kits may be engraved with initials or name and once filled and organized; they will eliminate all worry of mishaps during travel and give much-needed peace of mind.