Make sure your groomsmen are on time for your wedding by getting them one of these awesome personalized watches.

13 of the Best Groomsmen Watches 

The dashing debonairness that will stand with you as you wait for your bride down the aisle will forever be a part of the history of your wedding. They will willingly give their time and effort to you and your needs because they are your best buddies, they are your people. So, for these men, added accent to their outfit that functions as a time-keeping tool as well may just be the gift you need to hand to them. A chronometer is symbolic of your friendship that has withstood the test of time and the hours you have all spent and will spend being there for each other through woos and blues. Here is a list of 13 Best Groomsmen Watches for you to choose from and strap into the wrists of your groom crew.

13. Tigerwood Groomsman Watch & Cufflinks Set

The design itself is already a giveaway go-getter for this Tigerwood Groomsman Watch & Cufflinks Set. This awesome set includes a tiger bamboo wooden watch with a leather band and a pair of cufflinks that all come in a wooden box. All of the mentioned items may be personalized with your choice of name, role, and date for the watch; one letter initial for the cufflinks; and a name or monogram for the box. Your well-dressed groomsmen deserve a good-looking watch and a pair of matching cufflinks to add to their wedding day wardrobe.

12. Steampunk Pocket Watch

Talk about men in a polished look, this Steampunk Pocket Watch will surely make that vision happen. The men suited to stand by your side on your wedding day will never miss a moment again with this watch that features a view of intricate mechanical movement, a chain link, and a beautiful gift box. It also features a detailed and stunning gold mechanism visible from both the front and rear with gold roman numerals encased in a delicately designed gunmetal black surround that opens out and has a matching chain link.

11. Side and Back Engraved Groomsmen Wood Watch

Most wooden and engraved watches may look and feel the same for some, but this Side and Back Engraved Groomsmen Wood Watch is an exemption. Handcrafted and made from the finest materials, this “skeleton” mechanical wooden watch comes in two amazing colors that will match your wedding motif and theme. Choose from Brown Ebony and Gold Ebony and have the side and back part of the watch face engraved with a name, message, and date of your choice. Included in the purchase is a free link removal tool to adjust the strap size if need be.

10. Personalized Men's Wood and Metal Wristwatch


You have found the woman who is a perfect match and is in great combination with you and your character. So, for the men who will stand by you as you say, “I do”, give them this Personalized Men's Wood and Metal Wristwatch and strap their wrist with the elegant combination of Metal and Wood. This waterproof wood and metal wristwatch are perfect for men who understand style and class for an accessory. The case and watchband materials are zebrawood, walnut, and sandalwood. The clasp is a push button Deployant and this watch has a crystal glass front. 

9. Engraved Wooden Watch for Men

Groomsmen will not forget what day and hour your wedding is with this Engraved Wooden Watch for Men that has a day marker inside of it. It is made of two-toned Zebrano wood and has a date and week display. The band material is stainless steel and can be personalized with your choice of name, message, or date. Not only will this wrist accessory be an added accent to your best buds’ outfits but will also be a very functional gadget and a reminder of how precious “now” and of “time” are.

8. Minimalist Watch


Not all men like it fancy and bold, some prefer simple yet elegant things that do the job and look nice. This Minimalist Watch is an example of a gadget that doubles as an accessory without flaunting too much or harboring so much attention. The strap of this Casio watch is made of resin and has a hand-painted dial and hands for that minimal but functional visuals. Water-resistant, this wrist accessory is great for groomsmen who might be wearing glamorous tux or coats and would want to keep embellishments to a minimum.

7. Engraved Groomsman Pocket Watch

Let your groomsmen go back to the past for a second while holding a ticking treasure in the present with this Engraved Groomsman Pocket Watch. This wristwatch presents a rare but appreciated mixture of vintage and modernity, original and familiarity, and simplicity and elegance. Designed with a stunning blacked-out finish and classic white Roman numerals to tell the time, this seemingly-dug-from-the-past chronometer is a dainty piece to add to any outfit with its 14” removable fob chain and featured quartz movement. The hunter case can be personalized making this a sophisticated and wise groomsmen gift. 

6. Skeleton Watch

Let not the name of this piece scare you away for the combination of modern design with classic elegance that this Skeleton Watch offers might make you write-off other options. The automatic movement visible through front and back – gears and springs are fully functional, make this ticking wrist accessory a collector’s item. Watchbands are handcrafted and hand-stitched with full-grain leather for that sturdy yet stylish embrace on the hand. It also has luminous hands and is water-resistant. Your groomsmen will love to wear it on your special day and the days after that. Why not? This watch is simply astonishing.

5. Watch & Learn


Make your best buds watch and learn how to wear a nice and eye-catching chronometer with this Watch & Learn timepiece that straps punk to any man’s wrists. Time telling has never been this fun especially when it comes from the hands of a watch that brings the “extra” in the ordinary. A wood accessory or design, when added to a man’s wardrobe can instantly splash class along with a bit of rustic visual. The dark brown color of this watch along with its black strap is a perfect combination for a suit or even casual wear. Your groomsmen will be psyched about wearing light and durable pieces of your gratitude towards them. 

4. Luxury Wood Watch


Do away from the usual and generic wood watches and lean on to a bespoke Luxury Wood Watch that will not only tell the time in elegance but will also add glamour to your groomsmen’s outfits. They broke the mold when they made this watch as it is designed with high-quality Japanese Quartz movement that ensures a one-of-a-kind timepiece to complement men’s unique style. It is also masterfully crafted from only the highest quality woods, steels, and leather on the market. Your best buds will surely feel luxurious wearing a piece made with remarkable attention to detail and unquestionable craftsmanship.

3. Woody

Ensure a happy set of groomsmen showing up on time for your wedding by giving them this Woody watch before your big day. Made from real ebony wood and stainless steel, this 41mm watch may be your token of gratitude for your best pals and a subtle mandate to show up on time not only on your special day but on days when time is of the essence. The back of this timepiece can be personalized with your groom team’s initials, up to three letters, their role on the wedding, and your wedding date. Handing this classic gift to the men who will stand by you as you say “I do” is like giving them a gift of time while allowing them to sport a wooden accessory.

2. Personalized Wooden Pocket Watch


If not on the wrist, why not let a classic timepiece come from a pocket? With an attractive wooden case, exquisite dials, and elegant brass chain, this Personalized Wooden Pocket Watch is truly a unique gift on its own. Your groomsmen will enjoy receiving and wearing an aesthetically antique-styled pocket watch that is subtly designed to exude a vintage look. It has an analog quartz movement and features numeral hour markers. The back is an engraving area with enough room for up to five lines of text of your choice. Choose between four color options: Walnut, Red Sandalwood, Zebrawood, and Dark Sandalwood. As a bonus, this timepiece will be delivered in a genuine leather holster to make it a perfect present for your best buds.

1. Personalized Bamboo Wooden Watches for Groomsmen


When talking about having wood in a gadget or accessory, the most sustainable and common material that comes to mind is bamboo. It is light, grows easily and it is durable as it is stylish. That is why this Personalized Bamboo Wooden Watches for Groomsmen is a nice gift suggestion for your groom team. This timepiece is constructed from bamboo and black leather straps. Since durability has been established of bamboo, leather adds to the long-lasting usability of this watch while harnessing the masculine elements of these two natural materials. This watch is manufactured with high-quality Japanese-made quartz movements so no second will slip by without your groomsmen looking dapper by the minute.