About Groomsday

Groomsday is a online retailer of gifts for groomsmen. We offer many different types of gifts for many types of guys. Our goal is to offer great products for a great price with great service.

Our Beginning

Groomsday was created with a sole purpose in mind - to make a groom's life a little easier. We realize that planning a wedding is never easy, but if we can take a small amount of pressure off you, then we've done our job. And if you haven't noticed already, any little bit helps when it comes to planning your wedding!

Founder Jonathan Gouveia started Groomsday after being part of many different weddings and receiveing many groomsman gifts, some good and some not so good. One gift consisted of a 30-pack of Coor's Light and a cooler. While the gift of beer is always a good thing, it's not exactly something that is, shall we say, appropriate? One common bond between the groom's who bought these gifts is that they all asked, where the hell do I by a groomsman gift? Other questions like "what is a groomsman gift" and "how much should I spend" came up too, but the biggest problem was actually finding a good place to buy them. Seeing that there was a need, Groomsday was set into motion. With this idea and, at least, 5 groomsman/usher appearances, 1 best man, 1 co-best man, and his toughest challegene, his own wedding, under his belt, Jon decided that opening up an online store for grooms would be a great idea.

One of our main goals when starting this website was to offer gifts that were 3 things - quality made, afforable, and memorable. We've been selling groomsmen gifts since 2003, so we know the market and we know what guys are looking for. And our experts(including many former groomsmen) are constantly striving to find cool new items to sell and offer any advice, too.

Above all else, our main concern is you. We try to offer the best customer service possible, by doing one crucial thing - caring. We care. We're aware that the time before your wedding can be very stressful and there are many fine details, so sometimes buying groomsmen gifts is the last thing on a guy's mind. No problem, we're used to it! Don't worry, many grooms buy their gifts at the last second, after all, they're guys. While it's ideal to buy gifts at least 2 week before your wedding, we can help you if you're in a pinch. Just let us know how soon you need the gifts and we'll do everything humanly possible to try to get them to you in time.

Best wishes on your wedding, and thank you for visiting Groomsday.

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