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    Grooms Day Team

    The wedding day is around the corner and for many, it’s one of the most celebrated days of our lives. The hype is boundless, the details are a second job and the stress can be cut with a knife. We all want that day to be ideal, but often lost in the hoopla is one particular element that no man should overlook: the groomsmen.  During the pre-wedding phase, your mental bandwidth has been squeezed to that of a pocket mouse. You want to honor your men in a way that reflects what they mean to you, but often don’t know where to start or have the time to research. That’s where our story begins – we want to make it easy for you.  

    Groomsday was founded because Chris was part of many wedding parties and noticed a consistent theme of tacky gifts and a total lack of creativity.  With a full recognition that men aren’t natural shoppers,  he saw a need for one comprehensive stop to make their lives easy during this amazingly maddening stretch.  Our value proposition to you is one place with a constantly growing cache’ of great gift possibilities for any type of man.  Oh yeah, and amazing customer service.  Our staff is constantly searching for sensational groomsmen gift ideas that embody a balance of tradition, creativity, and functionality.  The Groomsday credo is to ensure that whatever we sell, it doesn’t end up in your groomsmen’s basement box. 


    Celebrating 100,000 Orders

    We started with a simple goal: to provide thoughtful, unique, and memorable groomsmen gifts for the men who stand by your side on the most special day of your life. With every order, every smile, and every satisfied customer, we've grown stronger and more dedicated to our mission.

    Groovy Groomsmen Gifts 100,000 Orders

    We believe in quality that speaks for itself. Each gift is crafted with attention to detail and a genuine understanding of the emotions behind it. Thank you to every customer who's been a part of this incredible journey. Your faith in us has propelled us to this remarkable point, and we're committed to honoring that trust with every gift we deliver. Here's to celebrating not just 100,000 orders, but the countless memories and smiles we've helped create.

    Meet Our Team

    Chris Bajda - Managing Partner

    A man who understands the ways of the web, Chris leverages a analytical mind with a keen internet savvy to unearth the vision of Groomsmen Gifts. If looking at our business from the analogy of a home, Chris is the foundation and the studs. He is a guy that knows how to build, meanwhile pretty darn good at patching a few leaks along the way. Chris has been involved in the wedding industry for 15 years.  As one might logically expect, Chris has an undergrad from the University of Vermont in Information Systems and a lifelong aspiring entrepreneur.


    Tyler Carter - Marketing Magician

    Tyler has been working side by side with Chris from almost the beginning. He is a pivotal part of the development and growth of Groovy Guy Gifts.  Between page designing, data entry, and customer service manager, vendor relation, Tyler does it all.  Aside from his highly relevant presence, he’s a pivotal component of the Friday team Happy Hours.




    Kaleigh Panek - Chief Customer Whisperer

    This go-getter is a true workhorse, always putting in 110% to ensure that projects are done to perfection. But watch out, if you need her for a 9am meeting, good luck! She considers sleeping in a superpower and burning the midnight oil her hobby. But don't let her nocturnal habits fool you, she's a true creative genius and well respected by her colleagues and bosses. Just make sure to schedule all important meetings after lunch time. 




    Karen Bajda - Minister of Marketing Propaganda

    With our customers always coming first, it requires the touch of one who truly has a compassion for the details to drive how we serve. Karen and her old soul bring the necessary touch to our team to ensure that no groom is left behind. The mama bear of our squad, her nurturing demeanor ensures that among all the other work, we are always putting the needs of our customers at the very top of the every day priority list.


    The Groovy Team in one of our Groomsmen Movie Posters

    484 Pepper St
    Unit A
    Monroe, CT 06468


    Our standard business hours are 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST.   

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