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  • Personalized Wood Whiskey Ashtray

    Every cigar enthusiast needs an authentic ashtray that he can rely on. This Whiskey Barrel ashtray is the perfect ashtray for any connoisseur who loves a good cigar with his glass of whiskey. Let your guy brag to all his friends how his ashtray is made from a whiskey barrel as they all gather around drinking their favorite whiskey. 

    This ashtray has a natural rustic Oak body made from reclaimed Kentucky whiskey and bourbon barrels. The tray is sealed to guarantee long last durbality as well as protect its dark charred bottom that reveals the barrel's original interior. To make this ashtray special for your man, put his single initial into the text box above.


    • Your choice of initial engraved at no extra cost (See photos)
    • Natural rustic Oak body made from reclaimed Kentucky whiskey and bourbon barrels
    • Dark charred bottom that displays the barrel's original interior
    • Cigar holder to accommodate all gages and lengths
    • A solid thickness of 1 inch
    • A 3.2" double-stepped ashtray to handle the ashes of multiple smoking sessions
    • Measures roughly 8" in length x 4" in width
    • The wood is sealed for a long lasting durability

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