Big Gulp states that the U.S. defines a shot as “1.5 ounces”. How do we define it? 50% more fun than that! That’s why we’re proud to offer these 2.25-ounce groomsmen shot glasses for your guys to enjoy as they drink the night away.

Like a big gulp for adults, there is no better feeling than opening a kitchen cabinet and questioning which glass is for water and which one is for spirits. This massive shot glass is the perfect gift for a groomsman who likes to party (responsibly of course). With more ounces to enjoy per shot, your groomsman can become a more efficient drinker, something he’s always dreamed of! Now your groomsmen can light up the dance floor with that liquid courage.

This shot glass is 2.5 inches in height and holds 2.25 ounces of your favorite alcohol. The shot glass can be personalized with a name, role, and wedding date.  

Make these jumbo shots memorable by adding your groomsman's information to the text box above. Follow the example below to ensure accuracy:

Name: Chris
Role: Best Man
Wedding Date: June 19, 2020


  • 2.5" in height
  • 1.75" in width at the top
  • 1.5" in width at the bottom
  • Holds 2.25 ounces
  • The box is not included when you purchase the shot glass