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  • Sock XChange

    Stocks go up and stocks go down.  But these socks, they stay up, and they’ll warm the tootsies of your amigos while painting their ankles with their formal title.  The Groovy market remains bullish on a great pair of socks, ticker symbol SKX.  Dress up the ankles of your groomsmen  with a cool pair of socks that slap some fun on your big day.  These guys are easily paired and will be a sentimental set anytime he ravages through his sock drawer. 

    Sock XChange is rock the feet and come in a variety of great fundamental colors.  Choose amongs all the different meaningful men in your wedding party.  Socks are one size fits all accommodating sizes 9-13.  The awesome socks with make your ankles dazzle.  


    Breathable cotton-poly blend

    Available in the following Wedding Party Roles:

    RING BEARER (Kids Sized) 

    These socks come in 4 colors: Black, Gray, Navy and Brown