Bamboozer Gift Box

Ball nights that start with "let's do shots" is an interesting one. There are usually two options; you either take those shots like a champ like nothing happened, or you spend the next day trying to remember how you ended up face down in a tub wearing nothing but your socks. This gift set is a great mix of party and style, with its charming flask that holds 6 oz of your favorite liquor, and two shot glasses to share the fun with friends. Whether you are rounding up the boys to sling back a shot or two before the ceremony or throwing back shots with the bride and groom, this box will keep the party going. 

Make this set special by adding your information to the text box above. Follow the example below to ensure accuracy.

Name: George Keklik
Role: Groomsman 
Wedding Date: October 17, 2020

We engrave the initials on and the role on the box and the name, role, and wedding date on the flask.  


  • The wood-colored box size is 8 3/4"(L) x 5 7/8"(W) x 2 1/8"(H)
  • Made Faux Leather 
  • Lined with Black Felt
  • Magnetically Closed 


  • 6oz Metal Flask
  • Faux Leather Wrapping
  • Bamboo Color