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  • Last Free Weekend Flask

    The time has come for you and the boys to spend one last legendary weekend before your big day. A bachelor party is made up of 4 things. First, grab your favorite 10 friends and drag them to a hotel or house for a weekend of shenanigans. Second, make sure each person that pulls up is packed with only the essentials from the local liquor store. Third, whether it is a weekend in Vegas or a house on the beach you will need drinking games, to pass the slow times in the house.

    The fourth thing you need brings us to this gift, a classy yet funny bachelor party flask. Make this gift to commemorate your friend's last free weekend on their Earth before he says "I Do" and vanishes forever. All that matters is that your group has the best possible time on his Last Free Weekend! 

    Make this flask memorable by adding your groomsman's information to the text box above. Follow the example below to ensure accuracy.




    • Size: 3 5/8" Length x 4 3/8" Height
    • Holds: 6 ounces
    • Color: Black Matte