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  • 23+ Funny Groomsmen Gifts to Get Laugh Out of Your Crew

    by Chris Bajda October 12, 2022

    Groomsmen gifts are tricky to get right. If you pick too nice of a gift, your friends will feel guilty about the fact that they spent so little on it; if you do not spend enough, then they might feel like they were just an afterthought in your wedding party planning.

    Fortunately, these 23+ funny groomsmen gifts should do the trick, whether you are looking to save money or want to give them something unique.

    The best part? They are all super hilarious!

    1. Pic Pint

    Capture the most candid moments that made you laugh with this Pic Pint.

    After all, in this season of pandemic, a funny groomsmen gift that can ignite laughter and put smiles on each other's faces while doing something as menial as drinking may be just what everyone needs.

    Pick the funniest image of your best buds, and it will be laser engraved on this pint glass.

    2. Groomsmen Underwear

    Groomsmen Underwear

    Ensure you get your best men at their base layer with a pair of Groomsmen's Underwear that will make their buns shine.

    Women have lingerie and all sorts of fun beneath it all; what says guys cannot express themselves? Get into your groomsmen's underpants with a cool gift that will bring out the laughs and comfort the toosh on your big day.  

    3. Beer Belt Holsters

    Beer Belt Holder

    Welcome to the Wild West of drinking, where your ABV-heavy microbrew is only a quick draw away from your lips.

    Down it in an old-school drinking duel with a Super Cool Groomsmen Gift that any guy will be blown about.

    These groovy groomsmen gifts are perfect for tailgating, grilling, or just hanging with your pals. 

    4. Personalized Caricature on Glass Mug

    It is the perfect wedding party gift for your groomsmen.

    This Personalized Portrait will be made from photos of you, and the guys will send in their outfits.

    The illustration is hand-painted with nontoxic paints, so it is safe to drink!

    Plus, you can also customize on shot glasses!

    5. Bottle Opener

    The Wall-Mount Bottle Opener is a one-of-a-kind, cool and unique gift that is great for wedding party.

    Made from high-quality materials, this rustic piece will last forever with its vintage look paired up nicely against your home décor!

    It is one gift that lasts forever!

    6. F Bomb Paperweight

    Unleash the adventurous and danger-seeking side of your groomsmen with this F-Bomb Paperweight.

    It can also frighten those who do not know that this bomb is just an ornament on the table and will immediately strike laughter after the "F-Bomb" scare.

    Just throw it in the hands of your best buds, and if they catch it despite knowing it may harm them, then that is a "YES" to standing by your side as you wait for your bride.

    7. Balls of Steel - Whiskey Drink Coolers

    Indeed none of your groomsmen have balls that can withstand a hard kick or a bump, but they can claim to have one in the freezer with these Balls of Steel - Whiskey Drink Coolers.

    They need to freeze these coolers for 90 minutes, and they can make their warm beverage enjoyable to drink.

    Next time your best friends plan to drink beer, all they need to do is to get their hard balls out of the freezer.

    8. Bachelor Party Gift T-Shirt

    Out of the many gift ideas you can think of, a shirt is one you can never go wrong with, especially if it has a statement that can either boost their manhood or make them laugh.

    This Bachelor Party Gift T-Shirt is perfect for a bachelor party as everyone can see the task of a best man or a groomsman.

    9. Fuck My Liver - 8oz Flask

    No one can stop your buddies from drinking, especially if you give them this funny groomsmen gift: Fuck My Liver - 8oz Flask

    This no brainer gift is a subliminal way of saying, "Don't worry, be happy. Who needs a liver anyway?" or "Please don't be a killjoy and let me enjoy this day," especially to those who are against drinking.

    This statement in a flask adds a more masculine look to your best buds, and the grip appeals to the whole package.

    10. Custom Man Bobbleheads


    For some strange and unknown comic reason, having a cartoon image of oneself with a swollen head is simply funny.

    Give your groom crew their Custom Man Bobbleheads and add a little joke on your own, and you will have given them something to smile about before or after the wedding.

    These Bobbleheads are the funny groomsmen gifts! 

    11. Groomsmen Beer Stein

    Drinking is serious and giving your groomsmen a mug is almost the same.

    What makes it fun, however, is when they unwrap your Groomsmen Beer Stein funny groomsman gift and see their most funny and clever-looking face captured and printed in their drinking tool.

    So as you go on with your stag party and other drinking sessions, your groom crew shall always laugh as they gulp their drink.

    12. The Beer Slinger

    As the whole world thinks you are golf-ready, which you are, The Beer Slinger will conceal the fact that you are planning to drink after the game or maybe during.

    In hindsight, this golf club bag will fool anyone as they will believe you have gear and not beers slung on your shoulder.

    It will safely hold their beers and keep their hands free as they focus on their stroke if they still can.

    13. Funny Carved Mug


    At one glance, the sculpted image of this Funny Carved Mug will bring about good vibes and encourage a reflected smile from anyone drinking it.

    The fun part of this gift is that when your Groomsmen Get This Proposal Gift, the minute they see the smile and imitate it effortlessly, you will all laugh, and the "YES" will be automatic.

    14. Bachelor Party Hats

    Give these Bachelor Party Hats to your groom's crew, who will laugh in disbelief at what they proclaim. What kind of bachelor party strips the groomsmen of their strippers?

    These bachelor party supplies are great as props for photos. The high-quality printed text and accents will attract the attention of bachelorette parties and some ladies.

    15. Groomsmen Food Cufflinks

    When our best buds cannot get enough of their food splurging, these Groomsmen Food Cufflinks will be your best bet for a groomsmen gift.

    Most men love food. Some even tend to eat all the time, and these accessories make them wear their favorite food.

     They are sure to put a smile on everyone's faces and might even ignite a bit of drooling for the sumptuous food they represent.

    16. Groomsman Wedding Proposal Card

    Propose to your groomsmen and best man in a funny but subliminal way using this Groomsman Wedding Proposal Card.

    You will have lured your best buddies into a wedding filled with strippers and beers when those two aforementioned were prohibited.

    Of course, this is due to their inability to read the small fonts. After all, everybody knows that the best way to get your best friends on board is to trick them with liquor and women

    17. Capture Can

    Conceited or not, your groomsmen will love seeing their image in a glass shaped like a can, such as these gag gifts: Capture Can.

    For some men, drinking beer from a can is more satisfying than in a bottle. But since pushing for something reusable is a trend nowadays, a glass beer can is versatile and reusable.

    The joke in these groomsmen gifts is that your best buds will no longer have a choice but to say "YES!" after serving.

    18. Custom Groomsmen Socks

    If you are looking for a funny groomsmen gift that will have everyone laughing, look no further than Custom Socks!

    The recipients will wear these groomsmen gifts at the wedding, and they will be sure to bring a smile to all the guests' faces.

    Related: More Fun & Stylish Socks for men

    19. Knights Groomsmen Portrait

    The perfect gift for the groomsmen who love to make their friends laugh, this Digital Art is a funny portrait of the groom with all of their groomsmen.

    The image features all of your best man’s friends, and it is available in many colours.

    Plus, the artist will personalize each portrait with any name you want.

    20. Personalized Insulated Can cooler

    One way to keep the groom and his groomsmen happy on the big day is with these gag gifts: Personalized Insulated Can Cooler.

    It is a groomsmen gift that not only helps you ensure that your favorite drink will stay cold for hours, but also lets everyone know who will be drinking it.

    Plus, groomsmen enjoy this ideal gift!

    21. Personalized Bottle Openers

    A Personalized Bottle Opener is a great gift to give to the groomsmen.

    You can customize them with their funny faces. The best part about this awesome gift is that it is inexpensive and widely available.

    It is also easy to find them in different shapes and sizes, so you will be able to find one for every kind of guy on your list.

    22. Funny Groomsman Card

    Whether it is for a loved one or a group of groomsmen, this Funny Groomsman Card will bring laughter and joy to anyone who receives these hilarious gifts.

    The card has the words I could have just texted you printed on a card.

    It is a thoughtful gift that will make everyone laugh!

    23. Groom's Brew Crew Shirt

    Whether you are looking for a gag gift or want to show your appreciation for the groomsmen that supported you on your big day, this Groom’s Brew Crew shirt is perfect.

    This unique gift is made from 100% cotton and comes in either a men's size medium or large.

    The company also offers free shipping.

    24. Survival Kit Gift Box

    This is a great gift set for groomsmen who love the outdoors.

    The Survival Kit Gift Box contains a variety of tools that are perfect for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities or just wedding favors.

    You can include things like a pocket knife, compass, fire starter kit, wire saw a signal mirror, rope and cordage. Whatever you like!

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