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  • 35 Cheap Groomsmen Gifts That Don't Skimp on Quality

    by Chris Bajda January 11, 2024

    Finding cool yet cheap groomsmen gifts can be hard to figure out.

    You want to impress your guys the best groomsmen gifts ever, but you also want to keep the cost down so that it doesn’t break the bank. We have got some great gift Ideas for cheap groomsmen gifts that you and your best men will be excited about getting in this article!

    1. Groomsmen Socks

    Groomsmen Socks

    Add a pop of color to your groomsmen's attire with Groomsmen Socks. Choose colors that match your wedding theme or let their personalities shine through with unique patterns. 

    Include an extra fun twist by adding "groomsmen" text on each pair. This inexpensive groomsmen gift idea offers a playful, yet practical memento.

    2. The Cigar Dad's All-In-One Golf Tool

    It is a unique 3-in-1 Golf Tool to add to anyone's repertoire. He won't have to worry about tossing the cigar on the ground in between shots.

    Now he can fix his divot and mark his ball with this custom-designed ball marker. Also, you can add a cigar cutter in this nice gift!

    These cheap groomsmen gift ideas are our favorite Golf Groomsmen Gifts.

    3. Personalized Divot Tool

    fathers day gift divot tool

    He will undoubtedly love this Custom Divot Tool and the polished 3-in-1 golf ball marker and divot tool.

    These cheap groomsmen gifts are a high-quality hematite-finished divot tool. You may choose black metal, walnut wood or oak wood for the ball marker.

    The best part is you can engrave his name or initials on this stylish gift. Golf stuff makes for one of the best gifts for dad you can get.

    4. Laser Engraved Insulated Tumbler

    Laser Engraved Insulated Tumbler

    These Laser Engraved Insulated Tumblers will last long, much like your friendship with your favorite buddies.

    They will surely love these excellent personalized 10 oz. Stainless steel lowball tumbler cups at your wedding party.

    These inexpensive groomsmen gifts can also be engraved with your name, title, city, and wedding date.

    Related: Sip in style with our Personalized Tumblers, a perfect blend of practicality and personal touch for any occasion.

    5. Pilsner Glass

    Pilsner Glass

    Give a nod to your best men's love for a cold brew with an etched Pilsner Glass, a fun way to step closer to perfecting the mancave. This outstanding design not only makes for affordable groomsmen gifts but also doubles as creative groomsmen gifts. They are an excellent addition to camping trips or catching games with the wedding party members. 

    Each glass holds 16 ounces and is dishwasher safe. Even better, the engraving is permanent. Cheers to best friends, bottle openers, and unique mementoes that won't break the bank.

    6. Wooden Groomsmen Proposal Card

    Wooden Groomsmen Proposal Card

    For a twist on tradition, consider a personalized Wooden Groomsmen Proposal Card. This cherry wood card, etched with the wedding title and two lines of your choosing, offers a classic design that will perfectly fit into your best men's man cave. 

    These creative groomsmen gifts not only serve as unique mementoes but also can double as memorable additions to your wedding party members' gift box.

    Related: Create lasting memories with our unique Groomsmen Proposal Ideas, making the invitation to your wedding party as special as the day itself.

    7. Custom Whiskey Glass

    Custom Whiskey Glass

    Enter the Distinguished Drinker, and this custom whiskey glass holds 11oz of his go-to beverage in a glass that feels right at home in his hand.

    Whether he prefers gin highballs, single malt lowballs, or an old fashioned, these unique, round bottom whiskey glasses are the ticket to a killer drink.

    Serve up classic, vintage alcohol drinks in style.

    8. Put A Koozie On It

    groomsmen proposal Koozie

    What guy can so no to this indecent Groomsmen Proposal!?

    Like the Nick Fury of Grooms to assemble your squad. Only the best and brightest for your important day.

    So can they hang? Your groomsmen will be toasting you and your leading lady for years with this excellent Groomsmen Proposal Gift.

    9. Switchblade Divot Repair Tool

    Switchblade Divot Repair Tool

    This Metal Craft Switchblade Divot Repair Tool will bring a big smile to his face.

    This cheap groomsmen gifts come with two personalized ball markers, stainless steel switchblade and two magnetic removable engraved nickel silver golf markers.

    This simple, solid, lightweight, portable and durable gift is perfect for golf enthusiasts. 

    10. Beer Bottle Cap Opener

    Smokin Aces

    We have the tool for you if you want to pull that perfect pocket pal to come in strong when your beer needs capping.

    The trick is up your sleeve when you deal this cap snap to behead your favorite beverage.

    Treat your man to a Small Bottle Capper that will fit right in his wallet, and it is one of the simple groomsmen gift ideas that everyone will love.

    11. Wedding Hanger

    Wedding Hanger

    This premium quality hardwood hanger is a great option for your best groomsmen. Its classic design, with a 17" frame and notched shoulder design, will perfectly fit their wedding attire, ensuring they are kept in pristine condition. 

    The classic chrome swivel hook adds an extra touch of sophistication, making it an elegant addition to any closet post-wedding. This personalized Wedding Hanger is also a practical reminder of the fun camping trip and memories shared, making it more than just a gift.

    12. Proposal Tie Clip

    Proposal Tie Clip

    Gift your best men a classic stainless steel Proposal Tie Clip that perfectly fits their style. Choose from either silver or gold finish, and add a personal touch by engraving their name or your wedding date. 

    Packaged in a sleek box (you can choose the color!) with a ribbon, this set also includes a personalized card with your heartfelt message. These tie clips are not just cool groomsmen gifts but are sure to be treasured keepsakes, reminding them of your special day and the bond you share.

    13. Do a Shot Together

    Groomsmen Proposal Shot Glass


    Presenting your best man and groomsmen with these Personalized Shot Glasses would be an ideal way to ask them to be an essential part of your big day.

    Once they receive these cheap groomsmen gifts, you can toast to your bachelorhood one last time before tying the knot. 

    Plus, you can add a custom decanter, as well!

    14. Slim Leather Card Wallet

    Slim Leather Card Wallet

    It has a slim minimalist design. This Slim Leather Card Wallet allows three slots for credit cards and one large inner hidden pocket between the card slots for folded bills.

    You will display this handcrafted wallet with pride for years to come.

    This one of the simple groomsmen gift ideas, as slim and as thin as the possible wallet will stay with him for a long time. 

    15. Twist and Shoot

    Twist and Shoot

    Two things capture his attention anything in matte black and drinking and what can be a more appropriate gift than this unique, stylish, durable Twist and Shoot flask?

    This cheap groomsmen gift can contain up to 6 ounces of his favorite drink and is just the right size for any pocket or jacket pocket.

    It is one classy gift he will treasure for a long time. 

    16. Shady Specs

    Shady Specs

    Make him ready for the scorching heat of summer.

    Let him hit the beach wearing these cool, stylish and expertly detailed Sunglasses made from natural bamboo.

    These cheap groomsmen gifts provide UV400 protection for your eyes and come with a microfiber cloth and pouch.

    17. Personalized Baseball

    Any baseball lover would display these Personalized Baseballs with pride.

    These Rawlings baseballs are cheap groomsmen gifts that get it right from sentiment to quality. You can personalize them for team gifts, company presents, baby shower favors, or any special occasion.

    18. Personalized Bartender Bottle Opener

    A relaxing day would mean opening a beer at the end of the day. Make him the best bartender out there with this Personalized Bottle Opener.

    There is no doubt this bottle opener will be one of his favorite beer gifts ever, aside from the fact that it comes from you.

    Use this bottle opener and pour his favorite liquor in beer mugs!

    19. Groomsmen Boxers

    Groomsmen Boxers

    Take a playful approach to your inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas with a fun set of Groomsmen Boxers. These cool groomsmen gifts come in a variety of colors and sizes to perfectly fit each of your best men. 

    Not only do these boxers offer a comfortable fit and a good laugh, but they also serve as a casual reminder of your special day and the camaraderie you share. With this groomsmen gift, your friends will feel appreciated and entertained, all without stretching your wedding budget.

    20. Groomsmen Pint Label

    Groomsmen Pint Label

    Stylize your groomsmen’s man cave with Custom Pint Labels, a cool groomsmen gift that brings a unique charm to their favorite brew. Personalize each label with their name or your wedding title, adding a meaningful touch to this inexpensive groomsmen gift idea. 

    The labels come in a variety of colors to perfectly fit the recipient's preference, underscoring the purpose of not just a gift, but a memento of your special day.

    21. Can Cooler

    Can Cooler

    Add some chill to your bachelor party with personalized Can Coolers. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to match your wedding theme or each groomsman's unique style. 

    This cool, functional gift ensures their beverage stays cold while also serving as a fun memento from your special day. As one of the most creative and inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas, these can coolers will bring a smile to your friends' faces each time they use them.

    22. Leather Cuff Braided Rope Bracelet

    Leather Cuff Braided Rope Bracelet

    This Leather Cuff Braided Rope Bracelet is effortlessly unique. It is made from premium PU leather and stainless steel and has fine braided craft.

    These best groomsmen gifts are hypoallergenic, flexible and has a safety hidden clasp lock.

    This affordable groomsmen gift can also be engraved on both sides with 20 characters per line to add a unique touch. 

    23. Personalized Wallet & Money Clip - Leather

    Personalized Wallet & Money Clip - Leather

    This flashy executive-style Personalized Wallet & Money Clip - Leather trumps the competition.

    With a smooth brown leather exterior, monogrammed clip, and orange stitch accent, this personalized gift organizes his cash and credit cards like no other.

    If you like getting your man some money clips but don't love this one, here are some more Personalized Money Clips for your guy.

    24. Midnighter Pocket Watch

    Midnighter Pocket Watch

    Add a touch of elegance with the Midnighter Pocket Watch, an embodiment of classic design, and one of the best inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas. 

    Customizable with three lines, up to ten characters each, this timepiece ensures your groomsmen will remember your special day every time they check the time. Not only does it perfectly fit a distinguished look, but it's timeless appeal ensures it remains a cherished keepsake.

    25. Toiletry Bag

    Toiletry Bag

    Help your best men travel in style with a personalized PU faux soft leather Toiletry Bag. This affordable and thoughtful item tops the list of inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas. 

    Available in various colors, you can personalize each bag to suit your groomsmen's tastes. Perfect for the bachelor party, camping trips, or any travel adventures, it's a practical yet stylish reminder of your special day.

    26. Personalized Cufflinks

    What guy doesn't love cufflinks to wear at wedding party? A Personalized Pair of Cufflinks is a fantastic gift to give your groomsmen.

    You can get the initials engraved on them, or a symbol they like or even just their name on the gift box. Make it personal to make this groomsmen gift extra special!

    Related: Elevate your style with sophistication, explore our collection of Custom Cufflinks for a personalized touch of refinement.

    27. Groomsmen Gifts Razor

    A Groomsmen Razor, like a safety razor or straight-edge, is one of the more practical gifts on this list.

    These affordable groomsmen gifts are an inexpensive way to say thank you for all their hard work before the big day.

    Plus, this thoughtful gift idea will come in handy when he's shaving off that beard!

    28. Leather Luggage Tags

    Groomsmen gifts don't have to be expensive to make someone happy!

    These Leather Luggage Tags are a great, affordable option that your groomsmen will actually use.

    Plus, they are the perfect size to slip into a pocket or purse without being too big or clunky.

    29. Personalized Groomsmen Grill Set

    If you have a grill-master friend, then this Personalized Grilling Set groomsman gift is perfect for him!

    He can use the spatula to flip burgers and keep them from falling through the grill grates. The tongs are designed for picking up things like hot dogs, chicken breasts, or corn on the cob without burning your fingers.

    30. Personalized Groomsmen Pen

    A Personalized Pen is a great, inexpensive gift for any groomsman. You can do engraving on both the pens and covers.

    Plus, this groomsmen gift is fairly inexpensive so you don't have to break the bank to give your friends something they will actually enjoy using.

    31. Groomsmen Playing Cards

    Need a quick, inexpensive gift for your groomsmen? Well, look no further. These Playing Cards make for a great present that will actually be used.

    Plus, this cheap groomsmen gift includes the Best Man card, so they are extra special.

    32. Groomsman Water Bottle

    If your friend is anything like me, he will always be on the go.

    A Water Bottle is a great gift because it is cheap but will still get used. The best part? You can personalize it with their names, or even their favorite color!

    33. Personalized Groomsmen Golf Balls

    For your friends who love to golf, a gift set of Personalized Golf Balls would make a great gift idea.

    You can customize up to three lines, with their name or wedding date on them. This way they will always remember who gave them this affordable gift!

    34. Selfie Socks

    Selfie Socks

    Get their Selfies on their Socks and have them wear them on your wedding day. They will surely be show stoppers and look great in your wedding pictures.

    You won't just have your ushers laughing but everyone who gets to see their socks on your wedding day.

    It is one ideal gift that is both fun and functional for any wedding or bachelor party!  

    Related: Step up your sock game with our collection of Fun and Stylish Socks For Men, adding a playful touch to your wardrobe.

    35. Personalized Black Lighter

    This Personalized Black Lighter is an ideal gift for the smoker in your life.

    This groomsman gift is a very personal and affordable gift that you can customize with the recipient's initials, making it even more special for your wedding party.

    Plus, this lighter is windproof, so it will work even when there's a strong breeze around.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: How much money should a groomsman gift?

    A1: When determining the amount for a groomsman gift, a thoughtful gesture in the range of $50 to $150 is generally suitable, considering the wedding budget and your relationship.

    Q2: What do guys give their groomsmen?

    A2: Guys often gift their groomsmen personalized items like cufflinks, flasks, grooming kits, or stylish accessories, expressing gratitude for their role in the wedding.

    Q3: Do you give a gift as a groomsman?

    A3: Giving a gift as a groomsman is customary, serving as a thoughtful token of appreciation for their support and involvement in the wedding festivities.

    Q4: How much should I spend as a groomsman?

    A4: The amount to spend as a groomsman varies but typically ranges from $50 to $150. However, the emphasis is on expressing gratitude rather than the monetary value.


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