The Best Groomsmen Gifts in the Universe (in 2021)

by Chris Bajda July 09, 2021

Men are generally simple. They want certain things and do not think twice to get them whenever they can. However, giving the best groomsmen gifts to your buds can still be quite a challenge no matter how much you know them.

Listed here are 52 best groomsmen gifts you may choose from should the struggle of picking the best one comes to view.

52. Golf Gift Set 

golf groomsmen gift set

Not only does it come with side mesh airflow venting and a supple velour lining but it also has two exterior pockets store your valuables and accessories. This ultimate golf goodie set,  is filled to the brim with treats to make him weak in the knees. This gift set is highlighted by a sleek shoe bag that'll keep those cleats fresh.  Throw in socks, a personalized golf towel, and a dimpled tumbler and you have the ultimate way to thank your groomsmen for their loyal service.

If you like the idea of getting something golf themed for your guys but don't love this gift, there are many more great golf gifts for your groomsmen here.

51. Groomsmen Fashion Hour

Engraved Groomsmen Fashion Set

Your photographer will love the shades for photos and the watch will keep your groomsmen on time after they polish off the engraved flask. The Groomsmen Fashion Set has everything he could need and will need for that special day. Humidor for cigars with the guys, fun groomsmen socks to make those tight new shoes bearable to dance in. 

50. Spectacular Groomsmen Specs

Let him hit the beach wearing these cool, stylish and expertly detailed sunglasses made from natural bamboo. These sunglasses provide UV400 protection for your eyes and come with a microfiber cloth and pouch. This sunglass comfortably fits and has flexible fit metal hinges. You even have 5 gorgeous styles to choose from. 

49. Flashy Groomsmen Cufflinks Gift Set

This Flashy Groomsmen Cufflinks Gift Set contains a groomsmen money clip, tie clip, and a pair of cufflinks all made from metal for a put together and polished look. Perfect as groomsmen gift sets or for any guy on your list. These finishing touches may help get him the contract, job or even the girl! Personalize them for an added dash of flair and you have just created the perfect gift!

48. Organization Station

This Organization Station is a multi-compartment station that is a perfect place to store a man's daily necessities like a phone, wallet, keys, Chapstick, and maybe a pack of gum! This station looks great on a dresser or table and is designed to be sturdy and reliable. Your groomsman will hopefully finally remember where they put their keys with this organizer.

47. Keeping It Cool Tote

This Keeping It Cool Tote will have your groomsmen take their wine on the go with this unique wine cooler tote. This tote is waterproof so they can take it just about anywhere, for example, the beach, to the park, or maybe even at your wedding. It comes with an adjustable strap so that they can keep their hands completely free to greet your guests at your wedding or your bachelor party. 

46. Catch Me Tray

This Catch Me Tray is a perfect gift for your groomsmen. It is no surprise that men always lose their belongings, so to make his life a little easier by giving him this tray. This tray is handmade from genuine leather, so it's guaranteed to last a long time. 

Let him sip in style with this Flask & You Shall Receive. It's a novelty that never gets old.  Graduate to a vessel that mirrors your wedding day with a personalized flask that will impress your groomsmen. It is a stainless steel funnel that will knock the socks off your groomsmen. He will never have to worry about spillage from this 7oz canister of dreams, so he can focus more on his dance skills. 

44. Engraved Traditional Desk Clock

This Engraved Traditional Desk Clock is a personalized table clock for your  groomsman. It can be engraved up to 100 characters quote, any design or initials, logo or symbol at the backside of the watch. It's one spectacular gift for your Grooms.

43. Groomsman Personalized Pen

This Groomsman Personalized Pen can be purchased as 'Pen only' or 'Pen with matching case'. Both the pen and the case can be personalized. The pen is a click top. It's one gift your groom

42. Personalized Lighter

This Personalized Lighter is laser engraved. The black stainless steel flip top lighter comes in  gift tin, and also with a personalized message on the reverse side of the lighter. It can be easily flicked open, simply turn the wheel to ignite the windproof flame.

41. Personalized Golf Balls

This Personalized Golf Balls will be loved by your golf fanatic groomsmen. Choose your design, and add your personalization text (if necessary). You can choose from designs available for your Groomsmen, Best Man, the Officiant, Ushers, Father of the Bride/Groom. What's more, you can customize it with whatever text you like.

40. Black Humidor Bundle

This Black Humidor Bundle is a great starter pack for your special someone who is interested in cigars, and has the perfect combination of everything you need for someone already interested in cigars! 

39. Personalized Groomsman Gift 

This Personalized Groomsman Gift is a handmade item. The band material is made from leather while the material used for the watch is wood. It has a minimalist design and can be made special for your best buddies by having it  personalized.  

38. Survival Kit Tin for Groomsman Best Man

This Survival Kit Tin will make sure your guys are prepared for your big day. Alternatively, add these to your groomsman proposal gift to make it a little more fun. Each tin comes with personalized glossy sticker adhered to the top of the  tin.

37. Stainless Steel Whiskey Glasses

So slick yet so useful. Gather your boys for a night of fun before your big day, and pass these whiskey glasses out – they keep your drinks as cool as your friends are. You can be sure you're giving them one awesome gift set. 

36. Football Cocktail Shaker

This kickoff football cocktail shaker will keep your drinks fresh and topped off in game-day style. Even if your team totally bomb

35. Glass Viking Drinking Horn with Rustic Stand


Gone are the days of Viking adventures that often focus on slaying enemies and hunting as they come home to a beer horn filled with their celebratory beverage but this Glass Viking Drinking Horn with Rustic Stand will bring back the vibe for the groomsmen during your stag party or even after that. Each glass horn can hold up to 16 oz. of liquor and comes with a rustic stand to keep it securely sealed when not in use.

34. Fashion Hour


Propose to your best buds or say your gratitude for being there as you walk down the aisle and wait for your bride with this Fashion Hour. It is a set that includes a 6 oz. black matte flask, a cherry finish wood box lined with Spanish cedar and gas internal locking hinges, a “Groom’s Crew” Cotton, Polyester and Elastic socks, a personalized watch made of real sandalwood and genuine leather, and Sebring wood sunglasses. Your friends deserve a collection of good stuff and you deserve them as your lifelong pals.

33. Personalized Wooden Pen

Made of wood and metal, this Personalized Wooden Pen is available in Maple and Rosewood color. Since it writes in black ink, this pen is a nice gift to any man who knows how to write and scribble. Professional or not, a customized pen made especially for the best men who stood by you as you wait for your bride is something thoughtful as it is functional and useful. No one can contest that a pen in a pocket or bag is a must-have.

32. Personalized Men's Waxed Canvas Apron


Men like it dirty sometimes, their working area, and their hands. But a little protection for the outfit cannot hurt especially if it is as stylish as this Personalized Men's Waxed Canvas Apron. Made from waxed canvas with leather accents, this multi-purpose apron can be used from the garden to the workshop. It features three front pockets and adjustable straps for the neck and waist. This apron will give any man durable protection and hands-free organization.

31. Belt Yourself

Add a splash of manliness to the already dashing style of your groomsmen with this Belt Yourself and watch them stride in confidence and fashion. Made of genuine leather and zinc alloy metal, this waist loop can be engraved on the buckle with 3 characters perfect for initials. So let your best buds strap on something that can embrace and tuck on a real man’s waist and let them match it with their favorite outfits.

30. Groomsmen T-Shirt

Slim fitted and printed with your choice of texts: Groomsmen or Groom’s Crew, this Groomsmen T-Shirt will be printed with eco-friendly and non-toxic inks in your choice of color and size. The heat transfer or screen print guarantees that the words printed will not crack or fade. Much like your friendship with the best guy friends you commissioned to be by your side on your wedding day. You all may be a bunch of cracks, but your friendship will never fade.

29. Groomsmen Boxer Briefs

Perhaps your groom crew brought their undergarments that they will use on your wedding day but a clever gift such as these Groomsmen Boxer Briefs may just add a few humorous details to your wedding. Make them wear it on your special day and take a funny photo op. Aside from testing how far they can go in serving you as the groom for that day, you would have made a lasting memory you will continue to laugh about in the many years to come. 

28. Personalized Groomsmen Sunglasses (with Bamboo Box)

Add a fashionable accent to your groom crew and protect their eyes from the sun, in style with this Personalized Groomsmen Sunglasses (with Bamboo Box). The sat includes a personalized bamboo box and wood-legs groomsmen sunglasses. Put their names or initials on the box along with your wedding monogram and this gift will be a reminder of how much you are grateful for their presence on your special day. In terms of affordability, class, and style, these shades are just the right pick.

27. Dock N’ Roll


An organizing tool can never hurt anyone especially your best buds. Give them this Dock N’ Roll and have them start to put their keys, watch, phones, and other essentials into the same place all the time. This wooden organizer and keeper of stuff will be their go-to place to look for when they need their things early in the morning. It will develop a habit and it will remind them that you placed their names on it as a silent scream that they will always be your pal. 

26. Groomsmen Cigar Gift Box

Some men are just fans of tobacco and alcohol. If you happen to be a friend of one of those fanatics, then this Groomsmen Cigar Gift Box is a great gift idea you may give them. This box can be personalized with the name and quote of your best man or groomsmen. However, you get to choose the cigar and mini bottle of liquor you will be putting in this box. You may also match the cigar with a lighter or the alcohol bottle with a shot glass.

25. Personalized Tumbler


On your wedding day, your groomsmen and best man will not be standing still and do nothing. Along with the bridesmaids and coordinators, they will be up and about helping and executing the plans to ensure the smooth run of the program. Inevitably, they will need to rehydrate. This Personalized Tumbler will not only be a customized and sleek reminder of how much you care for them but will also be a lasting tool to replenish their energies and service to you.

24. Wallet Do It All


Unlike the bridesmaids, groomsmen do not carry a “survival kit” in a tote. They just use whatever they can and make do with it. This Wallet Do It All is filled with tools such as bottle opener, can opener, cord cutter, screwdriver, and many more, in one square stainless steel that can fit in a wallet. Should a need arise, the groomsmen present will just access his pocket and bring out his emergency kit in swag and style. Hey, his name is on the tool, now that’s just classy.

23. Genuine Leather Suspenders


While most men prefer wearing belts, some men still enjoy wearing the alternative. This Genuine Leather Suspenders is not only a great accent for the overall outfit of your groomsmen on your wedding day but can also be a daily wear for them if they want. Made from antirust brass hardware and genuine leather, these stretchable clip-ons can be engraved with the names or initials of each of your best buds.

22. Pic Pint


Level up the drinking game before, after, or during your wedding day with this Pic Pint that obviously can be engraved with the name and funny images of your groomsmen. Pick the most humiliating or laughable picture and have them appear on the pint they will be drinking from and the whole celebration will be filled with smiles. The men who stood by your side as you said “I do” will bring home memories that will last a lifetime, as their faces will be printed for a long while in a glass.

21. Groom Squad Hat


So, your groomsmen have some moves, why not add some groove? Give this Groom Squad Hat to your best buds and make sure their names or their prestigious role on your wedding appears in front. These modern headgears will look good in photo ops as they will protect them as well from the sun.

20. Travel Marvel


Men travel, bathe, and have their regimen when it comes to hygiene and beauty. Where will they put their products when they travel? This Travel Marvel is hand-cut and stitched with precision using only top grain premium leather. It has interior black nylon lining that is both durable and easy to clean making this bag a practical gift to a rough user and lazy cleaner.

19. Fusion Razor


Any man who needs to shave owns a shaver or two. To own a customized shaver made from various choices of wood will be a delight. This Fusion Razor may either be made from Walnut, Cottonwood, Olivewood, and many other choices. The razors use Gillette Fusion cartridges so it will not be hard to replace in case it needs to be.

18. Muscle Duffle


Giving this Muscle Duffle to your groomsmen will not be mistaken as an act of sending them away. The personalized part will give away the thought that you simply would love to thank them for packing their bags and traveling with you before you got married and that you will still expect them to do the same now that you tied the knot.

17. The Wood Father

Let your groomsmen be gifted with everything a man's man could dream of while still looking good. The Wood Father has everything your groomsmen could need for your big day. Packaged neatly in a handsome gray engraved gift box this is the gift that keeps on giving. Complete with fun sunglasses,  flask, wallet, and cuff link set this box set can be easily personalized with your groomsmen details.    

16. Custom Groomsmen Sunglasses

Make him look even better with this gift. These Custom Groomsmen Sunglasses are perfect gift for your groomsmen. It's UV400 standard with every pair completely unique to each of them. These sunglasses also come with a box ready to be handed to your favorite buddies. Getting your groomsmen sunglasses is a gift that will help make your wedding pictures look extra cool

15. Captain Flask

Let your groomsmen show off their most prized liquor with this one-of-a-kind engraved glass flask. This flask is a vintage glass with cork stopper design. It comes with many different design options so that your groomsmen's personality can shine through with your chosen design.

    14. Custom Wedding Tuxedo T-Shirts

    These Custom Wedding Tuxedo T-Shirts are made from  high quality 100% cotton quality materials. Soft and comfortable, it's 100% eco-friendly production and assembled in America. Available in sizes XS to 4XL. This set features tuxedo print fronts with personalized names and role in the wedding on the back. 

    13. Crested Crystal

    Whether he's pouring a drink for himself or serving up his friends he can do so with pride for years to come with this Crested Crystal. It is made with premium quality LEAD-FREE crystal. Your guy can take comfort knowing the bottle stopper is carefully made to keep his liquor intense and flavorful. It can be easily personalized by adding your guys initial. 

    12. Bluetooth Shower Speaker 

    It’s the best sounding shower speaker that features a versatile connection and speakerphone. Let him cool off with his cool music with this Bluetooth shower speaker. It is 100% waterproof and can even be fully submersible. What’s more, is that it has a long battery life with the wireless speaker able to last up to 10 hours playing time. It’s the only gift he can bring to the shower with him.

    11. Heavenly Shave Set 

    This shaving kit comes with all the tools needed to achieve the perfect shave. Add an initial to the brush handle and personalize the handsome wooden box. The reusable razor fits standard Gillette Mach3 blades, making this shaver a gift that will be used time and again.

    10. Trim and Slim 

    Time to slim down. This Trim and Slim front pocket wallet is a great gift for your groomsmen. This sleek design has everything you need in a wallet, including a clear ID sleeve, 7 card slots, and a cash stash pocket. He will never want to go back once he tries this wallet. 

      9. Personalized Waxed Canvas Bag

      It has a gorgeous vintage look which also lasts for decades. The Personalized Waxed Canvas Bag is a beautiful waxed canvas and genuine leather backpack that will make an amazing gift for your groomsman. The bag is made from waxed canvas and married with crazy horse leather. The waxed canvas is waterproof and will help keep his items safe and damage free.

        8. The Beer Slinger

        It could sling right over his shoulder to carry to any outdoor event he may need it for. The Beer Slinger is an insulated cooler sleeve that easily fits 5 of his favorite cold brews to help get him through a round. It is equipped with a removable can koozie on the strap to safely hold his beer to keep his hands free. It can also be personalized with up to 3 initials.

        7. Time to Suit Up

        It's your way of saying how thankful you are for all his help and support. This Time to Suit Up box set comes with a custom low-ball glass, (1) 4oz premium soy candle, gold credit card style bottle opener, maple bourbon flavored toothpicks, a custom liquor label and a pack of playing cards. It's one gift that your groomsman will truly appreciate.  

          6. Low Ball Looker 

          He may seem to always have everything he needs. This Low Ball Looker will surely put a smile on your groomsman's face. It's one gift that will be enjoyed for years to come. This gift comes with 1 glass with a picture engraved on it. It is permanently etched. All you need to send is his favorite pic. 

          5. The Mug Shot

          This personalized 22-ounce beer stein will definitely make your groomsmen come to life with a hand-drawn caricature digitally printed onto the face of the stein. You can even include a caption of your choosing. You’ll also receive the digital file of the drawings for safekeeping. 

          4. Men's Personalized Bracelet

          Let them wear this men's personalized bracelet. The gift is made with paracord and detailed with a simple bronze plated anchor, which doubles as a clasp. You also have the option to choose the color preferred by your favorite men. The bracelet can be ordered to size, so if some of them have larger wrists you can order accordingly.

          3. Travel Marvel

          He loves everything in quality leather. This Travel Marvel dopp kit will not disappoint. Perfect for use as a travel bag for toiletries or other accouterments, this gift is rugged and roomy measuring 9 x 4 x 4 inches for the standard sized bag and 10 x 5 x 4 inches for the large bag. 

          2. Hand-Stamped Tie Bar 

          Personalized Tie Bar

          He will love the sleek stylishness of this hand-crafted tie clip. The timeless style ensures that it will be treasured and worn for many years to come. Each tie bar features a stamp cut-out of up to three initials you choose. Your groomsman will have a hard time not recalling your wedding day each time he wears this awesome gift. 

          1. Groomsmen Bobblehead 

          Groomsmen Bobbleheads

          The  Groomsmen Bobblehead is pure art. Why? Well, no trouble has been spared when it comes to detail. You only need to supply individual pictures and a bit of identifying information about your groomsmen like eye color, hair color, and skin tone (scars & tattoos are TMI) and you are all set to giving him this gorgeous gift. 

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