When to Give Groomsmen Gifts

Amanda Davidek

Posted on August 25 2018

when to give groomsmen gifts
Providing gifts to your groomsmen is more than just a tradition. Chances are that they have spent a significant amount of time planning some details of your celebration and a decent amount of money on the bachelor party and their outfits for the wedding day. Giving presents shows a token of appreciation. Knowing when to give the gifts can make your planning process run more smoothly. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of different times is also helpful. 

Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is really the most common time to give the groomsmen their gifts. At this point, you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, who is going to stand with you on the big day. Also, they should all be present. The rehearsal itself is important so that everyone knows when and with whom to walk. During the dinner, you get to socialize and relay any other important information about the day. Generally, you will have an opportunity to speak. Giving a lengthy speech is fine though you aren't required to do so. You can simply thank them and give out the gifts. One drawback of distributing the gifts at this time is that you have more items to remember. Chances are that you already have a number of items to bring with you, and you might not have enough space in your luggage if it's a destination wedding. 

Engagement Party 

If you and your partner are having an engagement party, this celebration is another opportunity to provide your groomsmen with their gifts. When you are concerned about saving for the wedding, you may find that your budget gets even tighter as the wedding grows closer. Since engagement parties are generally held well in advance of the wedding, you don't have to worry about this concern now. Of course, you need to make sure that you know whom you want to be in your bridal party. Making the decisions too early could lead to issues later on. For example, people might drop out of the party. If you are having a smaller bridal party with only your absolute closest relatives and friends, giving gifts out at the engagement party can work. 

Bachelor Party

When you're having a fairly traditional bachelor party, chances are that your bridal party members are planning it for you. They have probably covered the majority of the expenses and made sure that you're doing exactly what you want to do. Now is the perfect time to thank them for their hard work and for playing such an important role in your life. You could give the gifts out at a dinner during the celebration, or if you are all staying at a house or a hotel together, you can distribute the gifts there. Many people choose to go on a trip for their bachelor parties, so bringing the groomsmen gifts along is a good idea. However, do reconsider this approach if you're going for a night out. You probably don't want to carry a bag of gifts into the city or out to the breweries, and your groomsmen probably don't have anywhere to store the items during the day. 

Morning after Brunch

It has become somewhat of a tradition for couples to host a brunch or breakfast the morning after their wedding. This celebration is particularly popular when many of the guests are staying at a hotel. Since people have put in the time and money to stay over for your wedding, you can make sure to thank them by bidding them adieu with some scrumptious cuisine. At this soiree, you can also distribute the groomsmen gifts. You can thank them all for the truly important role that you played in the wedding. Do keep in mind that your groomsmen might think that you are not giving gifts if you wait until this brunch, so you might want to tell them before. Of course, this time doesn't work if you're giving them a gift that they can use during the wedding. For example, some grooms give cuff-links to their groomsmen. 

Groomsmen's Lunch 

Not everyone follows the traditions that others do when it comes to their weddings. You might not have a rehearsal dinner, a bachelor party or a brunch the morning after the wedding. Instead, you could take your groomsmen out for lunch to thank them for helping you out so much with the planning. This lunch is the perfect time to give your groomsmen their gifts since you it is just the group of you. If you are not planning to have this outing, you can then select one of the other times or invite the guys over to your house. 

A wedding involves planning in so many ways. One event that you need to figure out is when you will give your groomsmen their gifts.

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