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  • How Much to Spend on Groomsmen Gifts

    by Amanda Davidek August 25, 2018


    "Do I even need to buy groomsmen gifts at all?"

    It's absolutely no secret that weddings are a costly industry, with the prices only increasing as the years go by. Like anybody else, you may be struggling with the idea of how much to spend on your groomsmen for the services they are providing. We are here to dive deeper in the wedding world and provide you with some tips on how much other people have spent on their groomsmen in the past and what the proper amount is for you to spend today.

    The first key point to remember about these presents is that it's not so much about the quantity of money that you spend, but rather the quality and thought you put behind putting a personal touch on their gifts. Spinning a unique "thank you" and honoring them for everything they have done for their special day will definitely make them feel appreciated and that you are grateful for everything they have done for you recently.

    Even though it isn't necessary to completely your wallet or bank account over making the decision of what to get your groomsmen, that doesn't mean that you should skip out on the tradition altogether. Handing out crappy gifts or nothing at all after the wedding will make the groomsmen feel like everything they have done has gone unnoticed the recent months, from spending large amounts of money on their tuxes to throwing you a lavishing bachelor party.

    "Great. So how much should I spend on my groomsmen gifts?"

    How much to spend on groomsmen gifts varies per month and based on what sort of product you are looking to hand out to your friends. Statistics show that the average person will spend somewhere between the ranges of $40 to $100 per groomsmen.
    After looking through all of the products we have sold in the last year, it shows that how much to spend on groomsmen gifts falls around $45.83 per groomsmen.
    After having over 10,000 customer last year, statistics show that the groom usually spent around $55 for their best man, while spending $40 on an average groomsmen. The total came around to be around $252 for all of the groomsmen, with their being an average of 6.7 groomsmen per wedding.
    Prices on gifts vary depending on the month of the wedding. The prices increase between the peak months of July/August to $269, while the prices decrease during the off months of December and January to $186.
    best selling groomsmen gifts

    Spending Guidelines:

    Rule #1: Keep Your Wedding Budget in Mind

    If you are hosting a wedding that is on the lower side of the money scale, then cutting costs and saving a few bucks wherever necessary can add up to be a big help. That doesn't mean to cut out giving groomsmen gifts across the whole board. Simply acknowledging their help by handing out smaller presents ranging around $45 will still be appreciated by your groomsmen.
    On the other side of the spectrum, if your wedding is an all-out bash from top to bottom (if you even helped making the wedding plans), how much to spend on groomsmen gifts should increase since the money is there. The most important tidbit of information to remember here is to use proper judgment when purchasing gifts for your groomsmen and to not show favoritism between anybody. Give presents you know they will enjoy. 

    Rule #2: Spend a Percentage of What Your Groomsmen Spent

    Although there isn't a necessary rule in place stating that you have to spend a certain amount of your guys, how much to spend on groomsmen gifts can depend on how much the groomsmen himself has contributed financially to your wedding.
    Statistics show that spending anywhere between 10-25% of what your groomsmen spent usually is a good amount. For example, if you have asked your groomsmen to spend about $300 on your wedding, then your present for him should equal between $30-$75.

    State by State Data for Groomsmen Gift Spending

    Of course prices vary per state on how much to spend on groomsmen gifts because the costs of weddings range in price throughout the country.
    Most states, such as New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, etc., range in the $250 area for gifts, while a select few of states, such as Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, Tennessee, etc., fall in the $200 range.
    How much to spend on groomsmen gifts

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