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  • Shoot Your Shot

    You got the girl, now it's time to get the guys in line. What better way to propose to a bunch of guys than with a shot. What man can resist? Fill the flask with his go-to liquor, send him the box or hand-deliver it, and make sure someone is recording for the memories. This gift set will hit the bullseye with you and the guys. They will know how much you mean to them while they're being called up for duty. Just as the tequila is warming up his insides, he will see the yes at the bottom of the shot glass. Man tears may ensue, hence the need for video proof.

    Make this set a guaranteed yes by adding your groomsman's information to the text box above. Follow the example below to ensure accuracy.


    First Name: George

    Last Name: Keklik

    Role: Groomsman

    -Please tag us on Instagram or tik tok (groovygroomsmengifts) with your groomsmen proposal videos we would love to feature you and your groomsmen on our site.


    • 7 3/8 Wide x 5 3/4 Length x 3" Height


    • Size: 3 5/8" Length x 4 3/8" Height
    • Holds: 6 ounces
    • Color: Black Matte
    • 2.5" in height
    • 1.75" in width at the top
    • 1.5" in width at the bottom
    • Holds 2.25 ounces