Slick Rick

Give your groomsmen the night of their life whenever and wherever with this slick-looking personalized flask. A perfect gift for your bachelor party or wedding day, your guys will be appreciative of being chosen to be your ultimate wingman and will be all the more ready to celebrate you in style on your big night. Whether it's getting that liquid courage to chat up those single bridesmaids on the wedding night or making sure there is a constant flow of drinks at your bachelor party, this slick flask will bring just the right energy to your guy's night.

The dimensions for this matte black flask are 3 5/8" length x 4 3/8" height, the right size for any pant or jacket pocket.  

The flask is easily personalized with name and role. Add your man's information into the text box above and follow the example below to ensure accuracy.


Name: Carter
Role: Best Man
Date: 10.24.2020



  • Size: 3 5/8" Length x 4 3/8" Height
  • Holds: 6 ounces
  • Color: Black Matte