Bachelor Party Gifts

The Bachelor Party Gift Guide - So the time has come. Wedding planning is in full swing and your Best Man has the bachelor party under control. All you need are the groomsmen gifts. Where to begin? First start with a groomsmen proposal to pop the question. Then you'll want to get started on the bachelor party. There are plenty of bachelor party gifts to choose from, but the right ones will be something your groomsmen want to keep, even after the leftover wedding cake is gone. The best bachelor party gift ideas are customized and unique. For the guy who brings the party: There is no shortage of bachelor party gift ideas for having a good time, presumably because bachelor parties and weddings themselves are a good time. Classic gifts include engraved beer steins and glasses, but if you're looking for something more unique, there are options. If he loves craft beer, a BYOB bottle cooler works well. If he prefers whiskey, a whiskey glass set, decanter, or a personal, mini whiskey barrel are all good choices. For the guy who likes to look good: The best bachelor party gifts for the guy that gets fancy will play to that side of him. A customized watch in an engraved box, or a set of monogrammed cufflinks would do the trick. If he takes grooming seriously, a classic razor in its own custom box would work well. For the boy scout: For that one friend who is always prepared, a customized pocket or utility knife, or keychain would fit the bill. If he likes trekking through the outdoors, an unconventional gift would be a personalized compass, so he can make his own path (and not get too lost). For the world traveler: If you have a friend who is always traveling for work or taking exotic vacations, a great gift is a custom Dopp kit (toiletry bag) for his essentials. If he's all set there, a pocket-filled backpack or durable, monogrammed duffel would serve him well too. And finally, for the sports fan: The guy who loves football needs a customized ball to throw around. The golfer could use some personalized balls to supplement his current stock. The baseball fan wants that engraved bat to swing. Here, the possibilities stop only when there are no sports left to pick from. Groomsmen are unrivaled friends, give them gifts they'll keep. Pick up your bachelor party gifts today from Groomsday!