17 Best Groomsmen Proposal Cards

by Chris Bajda February 18, 2022

Getting creative, fun and sentimental in asking them to stand beside you on your wedding day can be easy with the right groomsmen proposal card. For your groomsmen proposal gift choose a card that best represents your personality and theirs too. Pick the right color, design and message and you are all set to getting their big YES! There's nothing like having them witness how your love story began and now, how it leveled up to now marrying the love of your life. You can be sure it would be one memorable day celebrating your wedding day with your best buddies.       

Here are 17 best groomsmen proposal cards you can choose from: 

17. Will You Be My Groomsman Invitation

This Will You Be My Groomsman Invitation will be a great customized invitation for your best buddies! Choose from twelve unique paper types, two printing options and six shape options to design a card that's perfect for you. Add photos and text to both sides of this flat card at no extra charge. Light white, uncoated matte finish with an eggshell texture it would be easy to write on this card. 

16. The “Greasy” Card Proposal

The “Greasy” Card Proposal is the first step to inviting your bros to a casual baseball watching, beer, and pizza night. Volunteer to buy the pizza and slip in the cards that say “You’re going to be my groomsmen. Okay, good talk. “So upon lifting every piece, which they might do at the same time, the message will be revealed and they will just as casually respond to it . 

15. Great Gatsby Groomsmen Invitation

The beautiful and vibrant designs are sure to get a resounding yes from your groomsmen. This Great Gatsby Groomsmen Invitation is1920's inspired. It features a classic black background, a faux gold foil great gatsby design, and an elegant art deco typographic template. You can even add photos and text to both sides of this flat card at no extra charge. Throw this in a groomsmen proposal box set to make a cool and classy proposal gift.

14. Proposal Rustic Dark Grey Vintage Premium Card


A personalized message can be written inside with plenty of space to share your thoughts with your friends and family. This Proposal Rustic Dark Grey Vintage Premium Card is printed on high quality card stock paper.  All these groomsman and best man proposal cards come with a matching ivory white envelope and ready to be folded. 

13. Knock for an Answer

This Knock for an Answer includes a plain white envelop with a card inside and theatrically add on a cryptic smile and look. Make him believe that you think he just missed it on the porch. As he curiously opens it, he will slowly lose suspicions and gain excitement to say yes to rendering his service as your groomsman or best man.

12. A Mischievous Addition

This A Mischievous Addition would definitely add spice and a clever touch to any funny proposal gifts you have in mind. Surely it will bring a shock and delight at the same time to your best buds as they get tricked into finally being allowed to get you a stripper only to be awakened by the tiny font messages that negate the idea. It will be hard to say “NO” to this proposal card.

11. Black and Gold Postcard Style Premium Card 

The back part is also designed for your own personal message.These Black and Gold Postcard Style Premium Card are a classy way to get your side of the wedding party assembled! It includes 6 premium postcard style and 6 premium black envelopes, plus a 2x2 inch Off the Market Sticker. 

10. Scratch Right

Recruit your favorite guys to your team in the draft of a lifetime. Getting them to say yes is the easy part with these cool scratch-off cards. Getting them cleaned up and to the altar on time that's another story. It's not like they don't know you want them beside you on your wedding day. You can be sure they will be saying YES with this card.  

9. Suit Up Groomsmen Cards

Go share the journey from single to hitched! This Suit Up Groomsmen Cards. would be a great way to invite all the guys to take part in your wedding celebration. This pack of high-quality groomsmen cards are totally bride approved – styled with sleek bow-tie design in black and white colors, will pair nicely with any bridesmaid cards and wedding theme ideas.

8. Black and Dark Grey Vintage Rustic Premium Card 

The Black and Dark Grey Vintage Rustic Premium Card is printed on white high quality card stock paper. Write down a personalized message for your friends and family as this card has plenty of space to share your thoughts. It also comes with a matching pearl white envelope ready to be handed to your groomsmen. 

7. Groomsmen Draft Card

Would you like to ask him to be your groomsmen in style? This Groomsmen Draft Card is a great way to ask your guys to be in your wedding party. Send this call to service with a bottle of your friend's favorite elixir. Let your favorite buddies stand beside you on your wedding day. These personalized cards are flat, 4.25" x 5.5".  They come with an envelope that you can put the card.

6. Groomsman Chic Wedding Minimalist Proposal Card

This Groomsman Chic Wedding Minimalist Proposal Card will definitely stand out. It uses a classic, all around paper with a natural feel and an uncoated matte finish. This card has high quality, full-color, full-bleed printing on both sides. Paper is easy to write on and won't smudge as it uses light white, uncoated matte finish with an eggshell texture. 

5. Chalkboard Groomsman Invitation

Ask them to be part of your big day with these stylish and modern Chalkboard Groomsmen Invitation on chalkboard background. You've found your wife, but you still need your boys. You can add photos and text to both sides of this flat card to make it extra special. He will certainly say "yes" to being one of your groomsmen.  

4. Be My Groomsmen Invitation Postcard


This Be My Groomsmen Invitation Postcard has the perfect dimension at 4.25" x 5.6" and can qualify as a USPS postcard size. It features a high quality, full-color, full-bleed printing on both sides. It is available in a semi-gloss or matte finish. Elegant and understated, colors print softer and more subtle.

3. Time to Suit Up

 It's one classy way to ask him to be your groomsman. Tell him its Time to Suit Up with these super elegant and amusing bow tie groomsman card. Each invitation is printed on recycled brown cardstock to keep the wedding invitations sturdy and stable and a cute bow tie with a magnetic clip at the front. 

This Groomsmen Proposal Card comes with a total of 10 cards and 10 envelopes. It consists of 2 best man proposal cards and 8 groomsmen proposal cards. These hand-cut flat cards are 5x7 and printed on 14pt glossy card stock with 10 A7 envelopes. You can even pair these cards with a groomsman gift, groomsman box, or any other proposal gifts.

1. Watercolor Groomsman Groomsmen Request Card

This Watercolor Groomsman Groomsmen Request Card is a custom invitation for your special day. Choose from twelve unique paper types, two printing options and six shape options to design a card that's perfect for you. Add photos and text to both sides of this flat card at no extra charge. It also uses the most versatile and economical paper, Standard Semi-Gloss produces crisp, vibrant images with exceptional color and detail—a solid choice for all your printing needs.

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