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  • 15 Groomsmen Beer Mugs: Raise a Glass to the Big Day

    by Chris Bajda April 21, 2024

    There’s no better way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials than by toasting your lifelong friends with a gift they can toast back with! Ditch the standard gifts and let’s talk beer mugs—because your wedding party deserves something as sturdy and reliable as they are.

    This list of the top 15 beer mugs is brewed to perfection, offering a blend of classic charm and rugged functionality that will make your groomsmen grin with each sip.

    Whether they’re craft beer aficionados or just enjoy a good cold one, these mugs are guaranteed to make your “I do crew” feel appreciated. So, let’s tap into the details and find the perfect pint-sized partners for your big day!

    Here are 15 of the best groomsmen beer mugs you can choose from:  

    15. Big Slug Mug


    This Big Slug Mug is especially for him who appreciates the fine qualities of a good brew. It includes a sturdy handle and a wide base to prevent spills during exciting sporting events or his me time moments. This mug can hold up to 18 ounces of his favorite liquor and can be personalized with a name and an initial.

    14. Magician

    Cold beer brings so much delight to him. This 14 oz Mugician has a smooth, chilly feel that heightens the lift up to the lips. Made from stainless steel, this mug can be engraved with one single initial on the outside and wording of your choice on the inside. 

    13. Too Handsome For Me Mug

      It is hand drawn and digitally printed. This personalized frosty beer mug comes with his very own caricature on it. It's one gift that will be treasured for life. Let him relax with a glass of beer a fter a full day;'s work no less than a gift that comes from you. Add a caption or a personal message to make it extra  awesome.

      12. Gold Rimmed Personalized Beer Mug

      It's one sophisticated activity he loves to engage in. You know for a fact that he's a classy guy and he prefers beer over any other spirit. Let him upgrade his favorite beer glass to one with a little more sophistication, like this beautiful Gold Rimmed Personalized Beer Mug! It is clean-cut, good-looking, and impressive plus you can engrave with two lines of text in your choice of font!

      11. Gallant Gunmetal Personalized Beer Mug

      He's all for metal mugs! This Gallant Gunmetal Personalized Beer Mug is extra durable, naturally, ice-cold, and will keep his beer insulated and colder for longer than any other kind of mug. The classic stein shape is enhanced with a sculpted handle and sleek, shiny finish, reminiscent of polished gunmetal. Plus the ornate pewter crest can bear his initials giving this mug a traditional, vintage appearance. 

      10. Extra Large Draft Beer Mug

      extra large beer mug

      It's a gift perfect for your beer loving man. his Extra Large Draft Beer Mug will quickly become his favorite. This classic cold beer mug can hold 25 ounces of his favorite beer which means fewer trips to the fridge, making him one happy guy.

      9. Personalized 25 oz. Frosted Glass Beer Mug

      Looking classy and manly matters much to him. This Personalized 25 oz. Frosted Glass Beer Mug is the perfect mug for him. It is an oversized beer mug with a frosted glass body that can be personalized with his name, initials, monogram, or simple clipart image on one or both sides of the mug. The handle is left clear while printed images will not fade away or wear off over time.

      8. Horn Your Way to His “Yes!”

      This Buffalo Horn Mug will definitely not go unnoticed. This intricately designed mug will stand in any occasion. The curiosity will lead him to lift it and read the message at the bottom “Will you be my groomsman?” Write your name after so he will know who to say yes to.

      7. Golf Beer Mug

      He loves beer as he loves golf. This Golf Beer Mug has a unique and fun design that provides the ultimate 19th hole drinking experience. It is made of high quality glass and is perfectly sized to hold 16oz of his favorite hot or cold beverage. Best part is it is individually packed in a safe and attractive box ready to be handed to him. 

      6. Viking Warrior 

      Viking Beer Mug Christmas Gift

      This personalized Viking drinking horn mug is perfect for his beer or favorite drink. It has the classic shape and design. Each piece is very unique and is naturally polished. It also comes complete with a stand. Have it laser engraved with his name or initials to make it extra special. 

      5. Oktoberfest Giant Extra Large Beer Mug, 35 Oz.

      Oktoberfest will always be one of his favorite yearly events. Why? well, it's the world's biggest celebration of beer. This Oktoberfest Giant Extra Large Beer Mug, 35 Oz is big enough to satisfy his thirst. It features the classic dimpled style of Germanic beer mugs and can be engraved with an initial of your choice!

      4. Personalized Wooden Beer Mug

      Let him drink his beer like a knight in this handsome Personalized Wooden Beer Mug! It is inspired by drinking cups in the medieval era, this natural wood beer mug is crafted after a traditional design. It is fully varnished and the inside is lined with stainless steel. He can use it to drink both hot and cold beverages. You can be sure you're giving him a heavy-duty and long-lasting gift.

      3. Regal Crested Britannia Dimple Beer Mugs


      This unique Regal Crested Britannia Dimple Beer Mug is designed for ewasy holding. It is also called seidels and is ideal for stouts, porters, and German ales. The short, wide shape and wider mouth are ideal for taking larger, deep sips while the thick glass will help keep the beer colder. 

      2. Personalized Copper Beer Mug

      Keep his brewed beverages cold. Let his Personalized Copper Beer Mug do just that. Made of pure copper, it provides all the necessary advantages in terms of coldness with a material that is long lasting and durable. This mug has a smooth lip and a sturdy handle to make drinking more comfortable. Its inner surface is also  tin-plated for health reasons. 

      1. Oakhill Monogrammed Glass Beer Mug

      Don't let his drink get warm quickly with this Oakhill Monogrammed Glass Beer Mug! It has a handle attached to the side so he can enjoy his favorite type of beer in the proper glass. You can even have his first name, last name, and initials engraved on it to make it extra special. 

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