Personalization Help

Entering Your Personalization

Each product description has information on what kind of personalization is possible for that product. To personalize your items, click on the red "Personalize It" button or alternatively, click on the tab at the right of your browser window to pull out the personalization pop-out tray.

Entering Multiple Personalizations for the Same Product

You may enter the personalization for all your items at once in the sidebar pop-out tray using the navigation buttons to navigate between all of your items that require personalization. Don't worry, you can navigate between the different items without losing any info you've typed.

Applying the Same Personalization to All of Your Items

If you'd like to enter the same personalization for all of your items, you can simply check the box 'Apply this Personalization to All Items' and all all of your products in just 2 clicks.

Adding to Cart

After you've entered all of your personalization and ensure that everything is correct, simply click the 'Add to Cart' button to add your items to your shopping cart.

Initials Order & Monograms

Enter initials in the order you want them to appear. The exact order you enter initials is what you will receive.

If you need any help with your personalization, feel free to contact us with your question or start a live chat with us and we'll be happy to help.

Ensure Your Personalization is 100% Correct

Laser engraving is a great way to make your Groomsday gifts truly personalized. Please review your spelling, as we are not responsible for mis-entered requests and engraved items cannot be returned. Requests for profane or objectionable words or phrases will not be honored.