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    If you are having a spectacular outside wedding and want your gentleman looking classy and sleek, then we have a simple yet, incredible gift for you. Give your guys an awesome set of wooden colored sunglasses to protect their baby blues from those harmful rays. This is a gift that is going to be a set of go-to shades for all your groomsmen for a long time. These glasses are so stylish that their girlfriends will want to steal these right from under them. You know it's a good pair when the girlfriend approves. 

    Get your guys a gift they will use at the wedding and every day after. And don't worry, if the boys ever lose these glasses, whether by the girlfriend or by sitting on them, they are always replaceable because they aren't a 200 dollar pair!  What you have here is an affordable, groovy gift that won't break the bank and will make your wedding a little more classy. Your photographers will especially love these.   


    • Sebring Wood Grain Plastic Sunglasses
    • UV400 protective
    •  65. 5.75″ L x 5.75″ W x 1.875″ H
    • These sunglasses cannot be personalized