Our custom groomsmen pocket knives & tools are sharp, sexy, sleek and tough as nails. Show your groomsmen that you appreciate them with a personalized pocket knife or tool. Utility is man's best friend and these engraved knives and tools are super useful! All engraved groomsmen pocket knives and tools come with free personalization on every order and are made of super high quality materials without a super high price. Whether you're looking for a multi-tool or a simple pocket knife, you're sure to find the right item for your groomsmen that shows you care. Our groomsmen knives are the ultimate groomsmen gift ideas for guys who spend a lot of time outside as well as those who prefer the indoors. Even those who play computer games or do tech support occasionally find themselves in need of one of these engravable Swiss army knives, the all-in-one toolbox, to cut through packaging on a box that arrived in the mail or to cut down the lines they run to their computers. With our knives, your groomsmen and best man will know that you appreciated everything they did for you on your big day and in the days leading up to it. Engraved knives like ours really come in handy for those men's men who prefer being outside than inside. They can use this great pocket tool when camping to cut the ties that keep a tent from blowing over, for cutting through food packages and even for stripping wet wood and leaves off the branches they use for firewood. Those who like hunting will also love these knives, and some of our knives are great for hikers too. Anyone who goes outside into the wild, even if it's just a short hike, needs a good knife. A pocketknife or folding knife will come in handy during any type of emergency situation. We know that your groomsmen are all a little different, which is why we offer such a large selection of engraved knives. A knife with multiple blades is great for anyone who needs different tools for different jobs, while one of our lighted knives will help him see in the dark. We also offer more traditional folding knives and pocketknives as well as gift sets that come with a knife and shot glass or another small item inside a nice gift box. Your groomsmen may prefer one of our multi-tools that feature a knife blade as well as other tools like a credit card tool, bottle opener, corkscrew and serrated blades. No matter which knives to multi tools you decide on, you'll love that we can personalize and customize any you choose. Most of our knives have a wood handle in the center that we can engrave with an initial, a name or even a special in joke that you share with your buddies. We can also engrave letters on any of our knives that feature a metal handle. To give your buds the best wedding gifts they ever got before, check out our wide selection of groomsmen knives, credit card multi tools that we can personalize for you.