Shots on the Go

There are some accessories that go together to make the perfect combination. Call them your Bonnie & Clyde, your Sonny & Cher – two things that just go together and are exponentially way cooler together than apart. If you gravitate towards this idea and are looking for the perfect groomsmen gift, a flask and shot glass resonates on point. Nothing dramatically fancy here other than just straight-forward FUNctionality. This groomsman gift really serving as a simple, classic medium to guaranteed good times. This matte black flask has great texture and manly appeal while holding 6 oz. and measuring 3 1/2" x 3 3/4" x 3/4". 

This awesome groomsmen gift comes with 1 pocket-sized flask, 3 shot glasses and can be personalized with your groomsmen's name, role, and wedding date.  We can also just engrave their name if you would prefer to not have the role and wedding date on the flask.

Make this flask memorable by adding your groomsman's information to the text box above. Follow the example below to ensure accuracy


line 1: Wyatt

line 2: Best Man (Role)

line 3: 08.11.18