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Our personalized cigar boxes & cigar humidors are stylish, high quality and are a perfect compliment to you or your groomsman's fine cigar collection. Keeping your cigars fresh is obviously important, but don't do it with any ordinary box. Check out our fine selection of cigar boxes that come with free personalization on any style. When you pick the men who will walk down the aisle with you and stand up next to you as you exchange vows with your future spouse, you select men who are close to you. You may add family members like your brothers and cousins, friends from college and high school and even some of your future in-laws. It is customary for men to give small gifts to those people before or after the ceremony. While we offer a wide range of groomsmen gifts, the guys in your group who love smoking cigars will especially love our personalized cigar boxes and personalized cigar humidors. If you have even one groomsmen who loves smoking cigars, he'll appreciate a gift of a custom humidor. Our cigar humidors look like wood boxes but have built-in pieces that regulate the temperature of the inside and the amount of air that gets inside that box. This helps his cigars stay fresher and lets him enjoy the full flavor even longer. You can make that gift express your feelings even more with the addition of a few cigars that you tuck inside, but he'll love one of our personalized humidors as-is for the cigars in his collection. Not all cigar smokers are as serious about smoking as others, which is why we also offer a large selection of more traditional cigar boxes. Made from wood, the scent from the cigars will slowly penetrate deep into the wood and change both the color and scent of the box. Each time he opens that cigar box and smells that rich odor, he'll remember all the fun he had standing up next to you at the altar. Our boxes include more traditional designs as well as some unique options that you can customize for your group. Choosing the best gift requires thinking about your groomsmen and their interests or hobbies. All the cigar humidors that we sell come with features that you can customize for each man. These humidors have a lid made from either solid wood or a glass insert inside the wood. We personalize the box to include his name or initial(s) on the lid. With our personalized cigar boxes, you can add your own name to the top or use the names of each individual groomsmen. Shop our selection of custom cigar boxes and humidors to find the best gifts for all your groomsmen.

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